AQCC meeting materials May 10, 2019

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Meeting will be streamed via Adobe Connect



Approval of Meeting Minutes:  April 18, 2019


Request Rulemaking Hearing:  Regulation Number 20 (ZEV)

  • Reg 20 (ZEV) - materials
  • Reg 20 (ZEV) - presentation

On May 10, 2019, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission will consider a Request for Hearing to consider adopting a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program for Colorado. The Commission will accept public comment on May 10 before deciding whether or not to schedule an August 2019 Rulemaking Hearing; therefore, comments on or prior to May 10 should focus on whether the Commission should schedule the rule for hearing (or not) rather than on whether (or not) the Commission should adopt the ZEV rule in August. 

Public comments  on May 10 will not be considered by the Commission as part of the decision in August on whether to adopt the ZEV program; if the Commission schedules a rulemaking for August, there will be a separate public comment period following the publication of notice for the rulemaking. 

The Commission strongly encourages written comments in advance of May 10. If you would like to provide oral comments, you must sign up in person by 9:30 am on May 10. Public comments are likely to be limited to 2 minutes per person (although if there are more commenters than anticipated the Commission may need to shorten the time allotment). Anyone wishing to donate their time to another person to speak on their behalf must be physically present in order to do so. Remote comments will not be an option.