AQCC climate change and greenhouse gases

The commission is providing public notice of upcoming meetings that may include climate change and greenhouse gas discussions.
Feb. 19, 2015
Chris Colclasure of the Air Pollution Control Division briefed the commission on its ongoing analyses of emission reduction measures that reduce GHGs.  These measures include carbon pollution reductions from power plants under EPA's proposed regulations and methane reductions from oil and gas sources.  Commissioners provided their perspectives on these and other GHG emission reduction strategies.
Nov. 20, 2014
Wes Maurer from the Colorado Energy Office presented on the state’s compressed natural gas fueling station and electric vehicle charging station grant programs - ALT Fuels Colorado and Charge Ahead Colorado.
Oct. 16, 2014
Theresa Takushi of the Air Pollution Control Division discussed the latest greenhouse gas emissions inventory for Colorado.
Aug. 21, 2014
Theresa Takushi of the Air Pollution Control Division presented greenhouse gases basics in preparation for the greenhouse gases inventory discussion and climate change coordination by CDPHE with the Colorado Energy Office and the Colorado Water Conservation Board.
July 17, 2014
Dena Wojtach of the Air Pollution Control Division presented EPA's proposed carbon pollution standards.
Jan. 16, 2014
Presentations provided:

Professor Scott Denning from Colorado State University provided his perspectives on the science of global climate change and solutions.

Taryn Finnessey presented the climate change initiatives of the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

CDPHE’s Patrick Hamel discussed our “Greening Government” activities.

The Commission’s administrator and attorney described the statutory requirements for potential greenhouse gases regulations.

Public comment provided by David Wofsey of Sonic Spark LLC.

Nov. 21, 2013
Topics discussed:  Patrick Cummins, executive director of Western Climate Initiative Inc., provided an overview of WCI’s efforts and recent developments to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in the West; and public comment received.
Oct. 17, 2013
Topics discussed: Commission authorities to address greenhouse gases emissions and climate change; understanding EPA's current and proposed regulations for greenhouse gases emissions and how sources in Colorado may be affected; overview of Air Pollution Control Division’s greenhouse gases/climate change activities and initiatives; overview of EPA’s and Colorado’s current greenhouse gases emission inventories; and public comment received.