AQCC about the commission

The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission is appointed by the governor and authorized by the Colorado General Assembly to oversee Colorado’s air quality program according to the Colorado Air Pollution Prevention and Control Act, Section 25-7-101 et seq., C.R.S., as amended. The purpose of the commission is to adopt a cost-effective and efficient air quality management program that promotes clean and healthy air for Colorado's citizens and visitors, and protects Colorado's scenic and natural resources.
Unless otherwise stated, the Air Quality Control Commission meets on the third Thursday (and Friday, if necessary) of each month at the Sabin-Cleere Conference Room, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, CO 80246-1530. Meetings typically begin at 9 a.m.
Annual Report to the Public
Colorado’s air quality management program relies upon several organizations within the state and the country, as well as its citizens, to achieve and maintain air quality. The commission works closely with Colorado’s Air Pollution Control Division to adopt and implement air quality management programs in the state. Also closely involved in the state’s air quality management program are the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and federal land managers, the governor-designated air quality planning agencies, city and county health departments, the regulated community and citizens of Colorado. Colorado, like many states, has experienced numerous issues with air quality, but has been successful in providing good public health protection and improving air quality. Examples of this can be found in the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission’s Annual Report to the Public 2016-2017. An archive of additional reports are maintained by the Commission Office and is available upon request. This request must be submitted in writing either by email or U.S. mail. Complete the Request Form in its entirety; mailing instructions are included.
Air Quality Data Report
Our Air Pollution Control Division publishes the Colorado Air Quality Data Report and maintains information located within the report. The Air Quality Data Report is a companion document to the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission's Annual Report to the Public. The Air Quality Data Report addresses changes in ambient air quality measured by the division's monitors. The Annual Report to the Public discusses the policies and programs designed to improve and protect Colorado's air quality.
Strategic Plan
In spring 2012, the commission recognized the need to be more proactive in its work, which required a clear vision, strategic direction and strong leadership role on issues of air quality control across the state. While the commission is bound to its legislative mandates and state priorities, the staff and commissioners acknowledged the untapped potential of this group of citizen leaders. A strategic road map would aid new commissioners as they learn about the commission’s priorities and future direction. The commission represents an inclusive body of citizen experts charged with leading, coordinating and advising on initiatives to achieve and maintain the cleanest air possible statewide, and the Commission strategic plan reflects their goals.
Air Pollution Control Division
Please do not confuse the Air Quality Control Commission with the Air Pollution Control Division. Questions regarding air pollution issues such as air monitoring, permits, emissions and enforcement actions should be directed to the Air Pollution Control Division or you may call the division at 303-692-3100.