Air Quality Control Commission

Hot topics
  • Next Monthly Commission meeting is scheduled: Thursday, April 18, 2019 to begin at 9:00 a.m. in the Sabin/Cleere conference room.
  • Next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled: Thursday, April 25, 2019 to begin at 8:00 a.m. in the Carson conference room.
  • Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV):

The Air Pollution Control Division is exploring approaches to a Proposed Rule that would impose sales quotas on vehicle manufacturers, thus increasing the percentage of zero emission vehicles in Colorado. The division will be conducting stakeholder meetings to seek distinct and quantitative fiscal, economic, and other impacts of a ZEV mandate taking effect in Colorado. If you cannot attend the stakeholder meetings in person you may provide written feedback here. Further interest in the division’s work may be found at: Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate Proposal. This is to serve as notice that one or more Air Quality Control Commission members may be in attendance via webstream or in person.

The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission anticipates that it will consider a Request for Hearing at its monthly meeting on May 10, 2019 of the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate for Colorado, and will also accept public comment before deciding whether or not to schedule a Rulemaking Hearing to consider a Proposed Rule. Should the commission grant a Request for Hearing and set the matter for a Rulemaking Hearing, interested persons may petition the commission to become a party to the rulemaking. Please Note: comments received prior to the official notice of rulemaking will be considered as "general public comment" and will not be included in the hearing record. In order to be included in the record, comments must be submitted during the noticed public comment period following the Request for Hearing.

  • The Colorado Low Emission Automobile Regulation (CLEAR), also know as the Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standards, was adopted on November 16, 2018. If you are interested in reviewing the hearing documents you may find them at Regulation Number 20.

Meeting information and associated documents
The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission meets the third Thursday (and Friday, if necessary) of the month.  The meetings are held at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment located at 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South in Denver, Colorado unless otherwise noted in the commission's meeting agenda. 

About the commission
About the commission, commissioner profiles, contact the commission office, and air quality groups and agencies.

Commission calendar
Provides a calendar of meetings including rulemaking and non-rulemaking hearings, public hearings, briefings and tours. All information listed within the calendar is tentative and subject to change.

Air quality control statutes and regulations, federal Clean Air Act 
Colorado State Implementation Plan (SIP), current National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), EPA Region 8 air quality hot topics, attainment and maintenance plans for Colorado communities
Colorado’s air quality management program relies upon several organizations within the state and the country, as well as its citizens, to achieve and maintain air quality. The commission works closely with Colorado’s Air Pollution Control Division to adopt and implement air quality management programs in the state. Also closely involved in the state’s air quality management program are the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and federal land managers, the governor-designated air quality planning agencies, city and county health departments, the regulated community and citizens of Colorado. Colorado, like many states, has experienced numerous issues with air quality, but has been successful in providing good public health protection and improving air quality. Examples of this can be found in the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission’s Annual Report to the Public. An archive of additional reports are maintained by the Commission Office and is available upon request at
Hearing guidance documents
The Guidebooks have been prepared to provide members of the public and other interested parties information on the hearing processes, known as “rulemaking”, "adjudication", and "informational or public". Following are our guidance documents. Templates referenced are available upon request through the commission office.
Guidebook:  Rulemaking Hearing
If you wish to participate in the commission’s hearing processes, you are responsible for reviewing relevant statutes and rules that apply to the hearing process to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities.  More details about these processes may be found in the Commission’s Procedural Rules, 5 CCR 1001-1, the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Act (APPCA), C.R.S. §25-7-101, et seq., and the Colorado Administrative Procedures Act (APA), C.R.S. §24-4-103.
Historical meeting documents
Provides an archive of commission meeting documents which consist of agendas, minutes, hearing notices, adopted administrative records, general meeting records, recordings of meetings, and other various records. A request for archived documents must be submitted in writing either by email or U.S. mail. Please complete the records request form.