Applying for an internship

If you are looking for a formal internship, practicum, capstone, fellowship or volunteer student placement, review the information below.
Student Internship Application
Complete this form if you are interested in an internship, practicum, capstone, fellowship, or volunteer student placement. Note, students applying for formal academic internship, capstone, or fellowship from academic institutions outside of Colorado or from an institution that does not have a formal agreement with the department will need additional approval and affiliation agreement if a project is available.
Tips for securing an internship​
    •    Be specific about your interests.
    •    Reference the student opportunity project title.
    •    Tell us the timeline and any deadlines for your internship. 
    •    Summarize the requirements of your program.
    •    Cover letter and resume should be no longer than one page each.
    •    Cover letter narrative should align with the project you are applying for.
    •    Be professional, check your spelling and punctuation.