Apply for a waiver to EMS scope of practice

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The OATH waiver application is an online process similar to the EMS provider certification application process. The online waiver application consists of a waiver application form and an optional waiver delegate selection form. All medical directors registered in OATH are eligible to apply for a scope of practice waiver.
Tips before you start:
  • Please use the most current version of Google Chrome. OATH may not be compatible with other web browsers.
  • You must have an OATH account and be registered as medical director for each agency named in a waiver application.
  • Have justification of need, literature review, protocols and other documentation prepared as Word documents or PDF files prior to starting the waiver application.
  • If the medical director is registered for more than one agency, unselect the agencies that are not to be included in the waiver. Only the agency or agencies intended for the waiver should be named in the application.
  • Only service agencies can be indicated in a waiver. Unselect any agency names that end in “—Education Program.”
  • The OATH waiver application process is a multi-step process similar to the application process for EMS provider certification, with forms completed by both the medical director and/or waiver delegate and department staff. This can be completed at your convenience over several days or by appointment in one session. To complete the exchange of forms in one session, please contact Mike Bateman at (303) 692-2989 or Please have your individual file uploads already prepared.