Apply to be a CDPHE-Recognized health navigator training program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CDPHE-Recognized health navigator training program. 

Please review the following documents before completing your application:
  1. Download and complete the application for CDPHE-Recognition: Application form.
  2. Get a written curriculum authorization release (if applicable): If your curriculum was developed by a third party, request an email or letter from the developer granting permission to use the curriculum to train health navigators.
  3. Submit the application and supporting documents by email to If you have any questions, please send them to the same email address.
An application deemed complete may result in an “interim” approval. Once Interim approval is granted, the name and contact information for the training program will be listed on the Colorado Health Navigator Registry.
To re-apply
  1. Download and complete the training program renewal application form.
  2. Submit the application by email to
Getting health navigators listed on the registry
It is the responsibility of the CDPHE-Recognized training program to verify participants’ completion of their training. CDPHE will provide access to the verification form to training programs once they are granted “Interim” status as a CDPHE-Recognized training program.

How decisions will be made regarding meeting application criteria
CDPHE staff will first review the application, grant interim approval and convene an external review committee to determine if they concur with the interim approval and whether to grant full approval. Decisions will be made based on the completeness of the application and whether the standards are met. A review checklist will be used to assess the application. 
The application review is not a scoring process.  The applicant either meets the standards and requirements or it does not. If it does not, there is an opportunity to provide additional information. CDPHE staff will provide technical assistance to the applicant, which may include conducting a site visit.
The review committee includes a consumer, a health navigator, a supervisor or employer of navigators, a representative from the Department of Regulatory Agencies who is involved in the state’s approval of health professions training programs, and representatives of Colorado Health Workforce Development Agency, higher education, and an Area Health Education Center. Members were chosen based on ensuring representation from consumers, employers, education, the profession and individuals with experience in assessing health profession training programs and workforce issues in Colorado.