Air Pollution Control Division topics

Air quality data
Monitoring, modeling, forecasting and data
Abatement, demolition, disposal, certification and training, testing laboratories
Business and industry
Permits, inspection and enforcement, regulatory assistance, records requests
Control of ozone-depleting compounds through equipment registration and compliance inspections

Climate change
Greenhouse gas rules for industry, emissions inventory for Colorado

Forecasting and monitoring
Monitoring, modeling, forecasting and data
Greenhouse gas comment letter
Colorado's comments on the EPA's 111(d) greenhouse gas proposed rule
Indoor air quality
Non-occupational indoor air quality information related to molds, chemicals and sick-building syndrome
Residential woodburning, restrictions, approved burning devices, reporting violations
Lead paint abatement, certification, forms, lead services directory
Emissions inspection requirements for gasoline and diesel vehicles
Emissions requirements for the oil and gas industry
Smoke permits for both open burns and larger burns for forest and rangeland management
Current public comment opportunities
Air quality standards attainment and maintenance, ozone reduction, regional haze reduction, public information and education, emerging air quality issues
Guidelines for submitting records and data requests