Annual departmental regulatory documents

2019 Departmental Regulatory Agenda (with 2018 summary and 2018 results of mandatory review of rules)
This regulatory agenda is posted pursuant to §2-7-202-203 and §24-4-103.3(4), C.R.S. Only regulations promulgated by Type 1 boards and commissions and the executive director and chief medical officer are included in the agenda. If you have specific questions about a regulation, please contact the board or commission listed on the agenda.
This regulatory plan has been drafted to comply with the requirements of Executive Order D 2012-002 and §24-4-103.3(2), C.R.S. If you have feedback about a rule under review, please complete the Stakeholder Feedback Form and send it to the staff contact listed on the Regulatory Plan.
Information on how to participate as a stakeholder.
In 2011, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Executive Order D 2011-005 (EO5), which establishes a policy to enhance the relationship between state and local governments. In 2012, legislation was enacted that codifies this requirement in §24-4-103 C.R.S. Local governments will continue to be contacted to ask for their input in the development of proposed rules with state mandates when applicable. Local government representatives can sign-up for notifications:  CDPHE local government rulemaking notification sign-up form.