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Steps to use emission reduction credits:

  1. Confirm that the emission reduction credits to be used are registered in the ERC Registry under the correct owner. If not, complete the steps at Emission reduction credit change of ownership.

  2. Submit a complete permit application for the new or modified emission source, along with an ERC Use Application (Form APCD-602). A complete application will have everything found in this checklist:

    • ERC Use Application (Form APCD-602).

    • Air Pollution Emission Notice (APEN) forms and associated fees.

    • Company Contact Information Form (Form APCD-101).

    • Facility-Wide Emissions Inventory Form (Form APCD-102).

    • Supporting documentation for emissions calculations, which may include emission factor verification, model inputs and outputs, manufacturer data, stack testing results, etc.

    • Records of emissions, hours of operation, and actual operating conditions for the baseline period of two years (24 months) immediately prior to the date the application is received.

    • Regulatory Analysis.

    • Modeling as required in the Colorado Modeling Guideline for Air Quality Permits.

    • Any other information required under Regulation Number 3, Part D.

  3. Once you have received a permit for the new or modified source, commence construction.

Other Information:

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