Compliance and enforcement

Monitoring your emissions and complying with your permit

Electronic reporting policy

This policy was developed to help regulated entities with electronic reporting requirements, including EERs, Stack Test Protocols, CEMS Performance Evaluations, mercury reports, landfill Tier 2 and Tier 3 test protocols, Landfill Gas Collection and Control System (GCCS) Design Plans, MACT reports, NSPS reports, and Title V semi-annual and annual reports (semi-annual Monitoring and Permit Deviation reports and Annual Compliance Certification reports).

Opacity and stack testing firms

Malfunction or upset condition reporting
Event reporting form and reporting instructions

Notice of startup (NOS)
Download this form and submit electronically. 

Information for completing self-certification requirements in your permit.

Compliance test manual
Procedures for performance testing.

Continuous monitoring system guidelines

Compliance assistance and enforcement guide
Developed to help regulated entities understand various enforcement-related rules and procedures.

Calculating rolling 12-month totals of air emissions

Oil & gas compliance and recordkeeping
Additional requirements specifically for oil and gas sources, including reporting forms and guidance (LDAR, AIMM, Regulation 7, visible emissions, NSPS OOOO, STEM, etc.)

Portable analyzer monitoring protocol

Additional requirements specifically for Colorado's natural gas transmission and storage segment.

Gasoline tank truck certification
Annual certification form, contact information.

Enforcement Action Reports

Engine Testing Initiative
In 2014, the Air Pollution Control Division piloted an engine testing program to gather data and assess engine compliance using a portable electrochemical emissions analyzer.