Air permits for amine sweetening units

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For a complete permit application, you must include all applicable elements on Form APCD-100.
Amine Sweetening Unit APEN Guidance
Form APCD-206
Use an APEN to apply for a new permit; request a modification to an existing permit; complete a routine (five-year) renewal for an existing permitted source or report changes in emissions, production or equipment.


Operating and Maintenance Plan
For amine sweetening units: Form APCD-306
An O&M plan is required for all process units with emission controls at a synthetic minor or major stationary source. Visit the Oil and gas Operating & Maintenance Plan forms page for guidance and more information.
​The division will consider, on a case-by-case basis, alternative emissions control equipment to meet control requirements of Regulation No. 7. The operator must obtain approval to use the alternative emissions control equipment prior to use.
  • PS Memo 15-03
    Air pollution control equipment requirements of Regulation No 7, Section XVII.

Guidance for amine sweetening unit permits
  • Step-by-step
    Reporting your air emissions and applying for air permits.