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Please review our Public participation guidance.

According to the Air Quality Control Commission’s Regulation Number 3, some permits require public notice. These permits can be construction permits, operating permits, or other preconstruction permits. 

Construction permits

Construction permits require public notice for reasons listed in Regulation Number 3, Part B, Section III.C. The most common reasons are: New emission limits and/or limit increases in the draft permit trigger the requirement for public comment (25 tons per year in a nonattainment area or 50 tons per year in an attainment area).​​​

  • The source could possibly emit odor above the limits found in the Air Quality Control Commission Regulation Number 2.
  • The source emits hazardous air pollutants at a level that requires them to follow the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS).
  • The source is requesting a federally enforceable limit on potential emissions in order to keep yearly emissions low enough to not trigger other regulatory requirements.
  • The division decides that public comment is warranted. This decision may be based on the length of time of the operation, its location, the type and projected amount of emissions, the likelihood of public concern, or other relevant factors.

If all emission standards and ambient air quality standards are met, we will grant an Initial Approval permit. The Initial Approval permit allows the source to construct and start operation. The source must start construction within 18 months from the date of issuance or the permit can automatically expire.

Operating permits

Draft operating permits are published on our website and comments are requested for the following permit types:

  • Significant modifications​
  • Initial permits​​
  • Renewal permits and reopenings

Other preconstruction permits

All preconstruction permits that include Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and/or Nonattainment New Source Review Requirements (NANSR) are published on the division’s website and comments from the public are requested.

Current permit public notices

In light of the current stay at home order due to the COVID-19 virus, any hardcopy mailed comments in response to a public notice for a draft construction permit for sources of air pollutants may not be considered prior to issuance of the permit due to remote working conditions. To ensure that your comment is considered, please utilize the Public Participation Form 
During a public notice period, we post the public notice, draft permit, and any calculations/analysis documents on this page, and request written comments from the public.

If you would like to submit a public comment, please first review our Public Participation Guidance. If you have any questions, general comments, or would like to send us additional information, contact us at

Public notice period: July 2 - August 1
Public notice period: June 30 - July 30
Public notice period: June 25 - July 25
Public notice period: June 18 - July 18
Public notice period: June 16 - July 16
Public notice period: June 11 - July 11
Public notice period: June 9 - July 9
Public notice period: June 2 - July 2
Division's response to public comment

Colowyo Coal Company- Collom Expansion, Draft Construction Permit No. 16MF1324F

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