Air ambulance licensing and recognition

Air ambulance services are licensed and regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  A license is required when patients are transported from any point within Colorado, to any point within or outside of Colorado. For emergency transport information call: 303-503-1263.

Steps to apply for air an ambulance license:

1. Log on to your existing OATH account or create an account for the OATH portal.
2. Call 303-503-1263 to gain access to the air ambulance license application within OATH.
3. The gatekeeper application will be pushed to you. The gatekeeper is the main contact throughout the licensing process.
4. Your Colorado licensed medical director must also register in OATH and fill out the medical director application.
5. Fill out the air ambulance license or recognition application in the OATH portal.
6. Submit proper fees to the department.
Choosing an air ambulance licensing path
There are 3 different methods of gaining an air ambulance license in Colorado. 
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