Air ambulance accrediting organization recognition process

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is considering revised draft rules regarding the licensure of air ambulance service agencies. When adopted, these rules will include a licensing pathway for air ambulance agencies termed “Licensure through accreditation by organization approved by the department” (Section 5.4 of the draft rules). The department has initiated a process for national accrediting organizations to request department approval.

Draft rules air ambulance licensing rules, 6 CCR 1015-3 chapter five.

Download the air ambulance accreditation organization approval check list.

Approval process
To apply for approval, submit the following items to
  • On letterhead, a letter from your national air ambulance accrediting organization to the department that requests consideration, including a statement that the information provided in the submission packet is true and correct.
  • Documentation regarding the procedures or processes followed by your organization during its accreditation process, which meet or exceed the state licensing requirements outlined in Section 5.3 of the draft rules.
  • Documentation regarding how your organization meets or exceeds the requirements outlined in Section 5.5 of the draft rules.
  • A copy of your organization’s conflict of interest policy.
  • A copy of a complete and accurate organizational chart.
  • Any documents or information that would assist the department in making a decision regarding granting approval.
Your submission packet will be presented to the State Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Committee (SEMTAC) Air Ambulance Task Force so that it can consider an appropriate recommendation to the department. These meetings are open to the public, and submitting organizations are encouraged to attend either in person or via teleconference to address any questions the task force members may have during their review.
The department will consider the task force’s recommendation in order to render a final decision regarding the approval or denial of the accrediting agency’s request for recognition. It is the department’s intention to complete the recognition process prior to July 1, 2017, which is the anticipated effective date of the revised air ambulance licensing rules.