We maintain vital statistics about adoption and administer the Colorado Voluntary Adoption Registry to make voluntary contact between Colorado-born adoptees 18 or older and their birth parents easier.
Currently, adoption records are open to eligible parties through the Colorado courts using form JDF 532T Request for Access to Adoption Records.
Effective Jan. 1, 2016:
  • Original birth certificates will be open to all eligible parties regardless the date the adoption was finalized.
  • Changes in the law will eliminate the option to authorize or object to the release of the original birth cerificate 

Additional information, forms and deadlines will be available soon.

Access to adoption information
Colorado Revised Statute §19-5-305 details how adoption records may be accessed; birth parent contact preferences and updated medical history statements; and methods of contact with parties to the adoption.
Attorney or court report of an adoption, notification of new birth certificate letter, application for birth certificate, foreign-born adoption, "Issued Pursuant to Adoption," no report of adoption submitted
Contact preference for adoptee and adoptive parents, non-identifying information about birth parents
How to get your original birth certificate
Visual example of heirloom certificates