About Title V operating permits

  • Operating permits include a listing of all air pollution regulatory requirements that apply to the source.
    • The program doesn't allow for the addition of new emissions control requirements, but rather clarifies the air pollution control obligations of major sources by compiling in one document all of a source's compliance requirements.
    • By including all applicable requirements in one permit, our goal is to make it easier for the source owner, the regulatory agency and the public to determine whether the source is in compliance.
    • The permits include monitoring, record-keeping and reporting requirements designed to make sure the source knows when it is and isn't in compliance.
  • Owners of sources with operating permits must certify that the source is in compliance each year.
    • Permits must be renewed every five years.
  • Each operating permit issued is subject to public comment and offers the public an opportunity for a hearing before the Air Quality Control Commission.
  • Sources are provided certain flexibility options that allow them to make changes in the way they operate without needing a new or revised permit. This allows them to more quickly take advantage of changing market conditions.