Permit adjudications

Interested parties may request administrative hearings to challenge the term and conditions of issued permits, challenge permit denials, or challenge other permitting actions. If the Water Quality Control Division grants the request to hold the hearing, the department then refers the matter to a hearing officer or the Office of Administrative Courts (OAC) to hold the administrative hearing. The OAC administrative law judge then issues an interim decision that can then be appealed to the executive director of the department. 
More information on the hearing process and requirements is available on the Water Quality Control Commission webpages:
Requesting party status
Only parties to the administrative hearing may participate in the permit adjudication process. Interested parties may request party status from the hearing officer or OAC. Once the department refers the matter to a hearing officer and the OAC, the hearing officer or OAC will set a hearing date and there will be an opportunity to request party status. At that point, how to obtain the process for obtaining party status and the deadlines for doing so will be posted here.
Current adjudications

CO0042480 - Eagle Mine Wastewater Treatment Facility