Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Settlement

The State of Colorado will receive over $68.7 million from a settlement with the car manufacturer Volkswagen Group of America. The funds will be used to reduce air pollution in Colorado. Colorado will fund certain eligible projects to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from the transportation sector. In addition to cutting NOx emissions, the projects that receive funding are likely to reduce ozone concentrations and emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. 
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is the state’s lead agency to oversee how this money is distributed and spent. We coordinated with the Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado Energy Office, Regional Air Quality Council, and other agencies to help develop Colorado's Beneficiary Mitigation Plan.
Colorado's Benificary Mitigation Plan  
Colorado's spending plan, eligible projects, available funding 
Eligible equipment types, incentives, requirements 
Current application rounds open 
Public comment, presentation, Colorado's Beneficiary designation
Information and reports concerning Colorado's eligible mitigation actions
Fully executed State Mitigation Trust agreement  
Complete list of awardees and project details
Funding opportunity updates
Picture of cars emitting exhaust
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Air Pollution Control Division 

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