El Paso County - drinking water

Drinking water sources in the Security, Widefield, Fountain area
There are several aquifers that supply this region with drinking water via groundwater wells, including the Windmill Gulch aquifer and the Widefield aquifer. Drinking water sources delivered to your tap can be treated water directly from groundwater wells, water that is blended from multiple wells or with treated reservoir water, or solely from treated reservoir water. 

Who provides my drinking water?
If you receive a water bill, then you are connected to a public drinking water system such as Security, Widefield or Fountain water districts. If your water bill is included in association dues, contact the manager to determine which system provides your water. 

If you do not receive a bill, you could be served by a private well. El Paso County Public Health is working with private well owners who want more information about perfluorinated compounds. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is working with other small utilities in the Fountain Valley area to collect drinking water samples and test for perfluorinated compounds.
I have a private well. Who do I call to get more information?
El Paso County Public Health can direct you to the appropriate information. Please contact their office for additional assistance.