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In March 2018, we designated orthophosphate as the best treatment for Denver Water to reduce lead at  customers drinking water taps. This designation is referred to as optimal corrosion control treatment under the federal Lead and Copper Rule. The department and several parties signed a memorandum of understanding and agreed to work together to avoid litigation, discuss additional studies and other topics.
Statement of success
In November 2018 the MOU Leadership Team developed the following statement of success for the stakeholder process: MOU Stakeholders will collaboratively seek long-range regional solutions that maintain public trust and protect public health and the environment per the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act, while additionally minimizing impacts to water supplies, wastewater treatment plants and watersheds.
Stakeholder process 
One stakeholder process is underway to address drinking water, wastewater and watershed interests. This larger process will review findings and recommendations from multiple technical working groups. The drinking water interests technical working group is developing objectives and protocols, data, modeling and analysis pertaining to additional corrosion control studies underway by Denver Water. Denver Water may use the study data to support a request to the department to modify its optimum corrosion control treatment in accordance with the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations. The wastewater and watershed technical working group will focus on developing and implementing plans to identify, monitor, and/or mitigate potential impacts of orthophosphate.
Stakeholder Summary Report
The final Watershed and Wastewater Stakeholder Summary Report summarizes the results of a 10-month stakeholder effort that focused on addressing the impacts of orthophosphate as optimum corrosion control treatment to wastewater and watersheds in the metro area.


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