Medical Marijuana Registry system updates

We’re working to make our system easier to use, and we have many enhancements planned over the next several months. 
Our first round of enhancements was implemented on Jan. 30. These enhancements will allow users to update and manage more information without having to email us.  

Enhancements will allow applicants to:
  • Edit name, social security number, and date of birth before adding a physician certification.
  • Upload a copy of their driver’s license or ID at the time of application. 
  • Change their cultivation option without having to email us.
  • Submit corrected documents directly through the online system instead of through email.
Other enhancements include:
  • Shorter password reset codes.
  • Easier caregiver renewal process.
  • Separate document upload fields for minor consent form and birth certificate for applicants applying on behalf of minors.