COVID-19 Resources for Water/Wastewater Utilities

This webpage contains multiple resources to help guide water professionals on how to respond to different situations during the COVID pandemic. Please contact us immediately if your utility experiences operational difficulties. This form helps us organize the number of inquiries we're getting and ensure we are responding as quickly as we can. 
Water/Wastewater Services are Essential
The Department of Homeland Security declared water, wastewater systems and other utility operations as “essential critical infrastructure workers” during the COVID-19 response. This means that water and wastewater systems have a special responsibility to continue normal operations as modified to account for CDC workforce and customer protection guidance.  For more information on the definition of essential critical infrastructure workers, visit the Department of Homeland Security webpage. 
Frequently Asked Question and Answers
Inquiry Form
If you have suggestions on information to add,  or updates we should know about, or questions please fill out this Water/Wastewater Utility COVID-19 Inquiry Form
Resource Sharing (CoWARN)
Need assistance from other water systems or have resources to share? Join CoWARN. CoWARN is a network that facilitates mutual aid and resource sharing between water and wastewater utilities. It is free to join. Utilities can use the CoWARN network for help with resource shortages including chemical supplies and operators. 
  • CoWARN webpage: Start sharing resources, ask for assistance or sign up to join the network. 
Water/Wastewater Labs and Operators 
Labs: The department is continuously evaluating system operations across the state and lab availability. Public Water Systems systems must use a Colorado-certified lab to analyze compliance samples. 
  • Colorado certified drinking water labs: This list of labs include out-of-state labs that are Colorado certified. This list does not reflect whether or not labs are in operation so we recommend calling the lab directly. 
Operators: As long as a system has an Operator Response in Charge certified at the appropriate level in Colorado, then non-certified operators and out-of-state operators can work for a system under the direction of the Operator Response in Charge. This requires a written operating plan that covers the delegation of operator duties. 
Information and Best Practices
Shared guidance documents: A file of guidance documents water utilities, associations, and other groups have allowed us to share! 
Links to national or Colorado associations with information specific to COVID-19 and water. 
Communication Materials
Free communication materials are available to municipalities and to the public to share. These communication materials include graphics for social media, public service announcements, language to use for websites, letters, or other communication tactics. 
Free to share communication materials: We are continuously updating and creating communication materials for a wide variety of topics so stay tuned. We just recently posted communication materials on “Toilet is not a trash can” messaging. 
If you have communication materials to share, please email