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Oil and Gas Compliant Survey

Stakeholder Engagement - Regulation 7 Revisions

The Division is considering revisions to Regulation Number 7 that would affect natural gas-fired reciprocating internal combustion engines, oil and gas pre-produciton operations, injection disposal well facilities, and oil and gas sector reporting. The concept document and slides from the Division's May 12 public meeting are posted here.

Oil and Gas Methane & Other Hydrocarbons Monitoring Forum 

Due to concerns about and to decrease the possible susceptibility or exposure to COVID-19, this forum was cancelled. To continue and inform the discussions about monitoring air quality around oil and gas facilities we have recorded two of the presentations.

Please send questions or comments to (Subject line: Oil and Gas Monitoring).

EPA has developed an air sensors educational video series. The videos can be used to learn how the Agency collects and uses air quality data, how air quality health risks are communicated and how to interpret data collected using air sensors. View videos here  

Suncor refinery

Asbestos investigation in Colorado Springs

Investigación en curso sobre la presencia de asbesto en Colorado Springs

Application Rejection Frequently Asked Questions

Ongoing stakeholder processes

Operating permit application forms

Stationary Source Fund Fees

Regulation 3 and 7 revisions- emissions from oil and gas sources and APEN and permitting  

As a reference to help understand the reorganization of Regulation Number 7, a numbering crosswalk and the pre-reorganized version of Regulation 7 are provided below. This version of Regulation 7 is the Secretary of State version, adopted November 15, 2018, and effective January 14, 2019. For the current version of Regulation 7, see
Regulation 21- Control of Volatile Organic Compounds from Consumer Products and Architectural and Industrial Maintenance Coatings