Air Pollution Control Division outreach efforts

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Stakeholder process for Regulation 22: Colorado Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Emission Reduction Requirements (HFC Rule)
Stakeholder process to review and revise CO Reg.  No. 8, Part B - Asbestos

Pneumatic controllers task force
Stakeholder process to assess the maintenance and use of pneumatic controllers in the oil and natural gas industry 

Stakeholder process for engines
Stakeholder process to evaluate cost-effective hydrocarbon emission reductions from the oil and gas sector

Stationary source control fund
Stakeholder process to assess improvements in efficiency for fee-funded activities and billing and accounting practices  

Stakeholder process to develop a rule to establish a Colorado Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) program 
Stakeholder process to develop a rule to establish a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program
Stakeholder process to begin addressing, among other things, the requirement in SB 19-181 to minimize air emissions from the oil and gas industry.