Air Pollution Control Division outreach efforts

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Major source RACT for combustion equipment
Stakeholder process to establish categorical RACT rules for boilers, turbines, engines, glass melters, and shale kilns 

Major Source RACT for brewing operations 
Stakeholder process to establish categorical RACT rules for brewing and brewing operations

Oil and gas hydrocarbon emissions 
Stakeholder process to consider potential hydrocarbon emissions reductions from the oil and gas industry

Greenhouse gas tracking 
Stakeholder process to develop a rule to establish a statewide greenhouse gas tracking system

Consumer products and architectural coatings 
Stakeholder process to establish VOC content requirements for consumer products and architectural coatings

Pneumatic controllers task force
Stakeholder process to assess the maintenance and use of pneumatic controllers in the oil and natural gas industry 

Stationary source control fund
Stakeholder process to assess improvements in efficiency for fee-funded activities and billing and accounting practices