40-Hour Administrator Training requirements

All assisted living administrators must meet minimum requirements for education, training and experience as set forth in the state licensing regulations governing Assisted Living Residences (6 CCR, Section 1011-1, Chapter VII, Sections 6.4 – 6.6). 
Each administrator must complete a 40-hour administrator training program that has been approved by the Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division before assuming an administrator position. See the list of approved programs
The curriculum includes at least 40 actual hours, 20 of which shall focus on applicable state regulations. The remaining 20 hours shall provide an overview of the following topics:
(1) Business operations including, but not limited to budgeting, business plan/service model, insurance, labor laws, marketing, messaging and liability consequences, and resident agreement.
(2) Daily business management including, but not limited to, coordination with external service providers (i.e., community and support services including case management, referral agencies, mental health resources, ombudsmen, adult protective services, hospice, and home care), ethics, and grievance and complaint process.
(3) Physical plant
(4) Resident care including, but not limited to, admission and discharge criteria, behavior expression management, care needs assessment, fall management, nutrition, person-centered care, personal versus skilled care, quality management education, resident rights, sexuality and aging, secure environment, and medication management. 
(5) Resident psychosocial needs including, but not limited to, cultural competency (ethnicity, race, sexual orientation), family involvement and dynamics, mental health care (maintaining good mental health and recognizing symptoms of poor mental health), palliative care standards, and resident engagement.
Competency testing shall be performed to demonstrate that the individuals trained have a comprehensive, evidence-based understanding of the regulations and topics.