2019 Colorado Radon Poster Contest

The Colorado Radon Poster Contest is now open and accepting submissions!
Radon poster
The goal of the poster contest is to raise awareness for radon testing and to inform people of the danger of radon in their homes.                                  
Children ages 9-14 are eligible
Entries are due by Nov. 30, 2018. Early entries are encouraged.
What is radon?
Radon is a gas that you cannot smell, taste or see that comes naturally from the earth. It is radioactive, comes from the ground and can easily enter homes and buildings through small openings. The Surgeon General lists radon exposure as the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.
What can we do about it?
Everyone should test their homes for radon. The good news is that even if your house tests high for radon you can install a mitigation system to bring the levels down.
Artists of the top three posters will receive a gift certificate: $300 for the first place student, $200 for second and $100 for third. The teachers of the top three students will each receive a $100 gift certificate as well.
Resources to get you started
How to submit a poster
  1. Read the 2019 Colorado Radon Poster Contest rules.
  2. Pick a poster topic from the 5 choices:
    1. What is radon?
    2. Where does radon come from?
    3. How does radon get into our homes?
    4. Radon can cause lung cancer.
    5. Test your home for radon.
  3. Create your masterpiece! Be creative!
  4. Complete the artwork submission form and be sure to attach it to the back of your poster.
Submit your poster and artwork submission form by Nov. 30 to:
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Attn: Chrystine Kelley
4300 Cherry Creek Dr. S
Denver, CO 80246
Questions? Contact Chrystine Kelley at 303-692-3442 or chrys.kelley@state.co.us