2016 Functional Exercises

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ARCHIVE: CDPHE Pneumonic Plague Functional Exercise Series “Coughmonic”

The exercise packet below for the CDPHE Pneumonic Plague Functional Exercise Series “Coughmonic” provided healthcare coalitions with the base documents needed to conduct and evaluate a functional exercise. These documents were used by local healthcare coalitions, and members, to design and tailor a functional exercise. 

Functional exercises involve rapid decision making and the simulated deployment of resources and personnel, however, no actual response activities will take place.  The simulated environment allows participants to focus on command and control functions, communications, coordination among response partners, and the use of policies and procedures, without actually deploying resources.  

Exercise Instructions and Report Forms
These forms will give coalitions and partners guidance on editing the CDPHE Pneumonic Plague Functional Exercise documents. The list of available date options is provided, as well as the Healthcare Coalition report form which will allow  coalitions to give contact information for each exercise location, and request additional injects or exercise support. Please utilize these forms to develop the exercise, modify documents, and report to CDPHE on expected objectives.
Exercise Documents
These documents are to be used during exercise play. The Exercise Plan should be modified and used to guide exercise on the date of play. The Controller and Evaluator briefing should be modified and given to each Controller and Evaluator in the exercise. Each Healthcare Coalition should add additional injects to the Master Scenario Events List, and modify the exercise timeline as appropriate.
Marketing Materials
The materials below should be modified to reflect local exercise information. They can be distributed within the region to market the exercise, and encourage participation.
PowerPoint Resources
Utilize these resources during player briefings, executive briefings, and controller briefings; as well as to inform players, controllers and evaluators of their roles during the exercise.  
Exercise Evaluation Guides
The evaluation guides should be modified to represent HCC selected objectives. These allow evaluators to capture critical data that will be reported after the exercise, on exercise strengths, weaknesses, planning gaps and improvement plans.