Why Phase VIII is important

The Public Health Act of 2008 calls upon the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to develop a statewide public health improvement plan based on a comprehensive health assessment every five years, which sets priorities for the public health system. The act identifies the need to incorporate, to the extent possible, goals and priorities of public health improvement plans developed by county or district public health agencies. It also requires local plans to address how county or district public health agencies coordinate with the state health department and others within the public health system to accomplish goals and priorities identified in the statewide public health improvement plan. The Public Health Accreditation Board also requires alignment between the state health improvement plan and tribal, local and national priorities.
On a five-year cycle, Colorado’s local public health agencies, in partnership with their community members, complete community health assessments, prioritize issues and develop and implement improvement plans. These local plans are used to inform the subsequent statewide plan. The priorities and objectives outlined in the state plan are intended to provide support, guidance and focus for public health activities throughout the state. This coordinated state and local process enables enhanced management of resources, increased readiness for public health agency accreditation and a more efficient approach to improving health outcomes.