Phase 6: Develop a public health improvement plan

Use this phase to develop a five-year local public health improvement plan (PHIP), also referred to as a community health improvement plan (CHIP) or regional health improvement plan, based on the results of assessment activities and the selection of priority focus areas. The PHIP  will become the road map for community and regional partners to make improvements to the public health system and ultimately the population’s health. It will illustrate your county or regional public health needs, describe priorities for health improvement, include partners to be involved, document the steps to get there, and provide a method for evaluating progress. 
There are a variety of proven processes to create a meaningful process and plan. These are recommended steps and can be arranged to best fit your local needs.
Considered a necessary foundation for quality public health work, developing and implementing a public health improvement plan is a requirement and a Colorado Core Public Health Capability for local public health agencies in Colorado, as well as a prerequisite for agencies choosing to become accredited under the national voluntary Public Health Accreditation Board standards (PHAB). CHAPS Phase 6 aligns with PHAB Version 1.5 standards for developing and implementing a public health improvement plan.