Phase 5: Prioritize issues


Use this phase to prioritize issues that arose during the assessment to determine a few focus areas for the five-year public/community/regional health improvement plan. A well-defined priority-setting process will help you and your stakeholders determine how to strategically direct resources toward issues where they'll have the great impact. These are recommended steps and can be done in the order that makes the most sense for your local planning and action needs.
Make note that you will use the results of your capacity assessment from Phase 4 throughout the prioritization process in Phase 5. It is important to consider how Phase 4 and 5 are related and how one influences the other before choosing and designing a prioritization process.
Prioritizing issues is a cross-cutting public health activity required in the Colorado Public Health Act, updated Core Public Health Services and Capabilities and the Public Health Accreditation Board accreditation process (PHAB).