Phase 4: Assess capacity

Use this phase to assess capacity to achieve community health goals. A public health capacity assessment is a set of questions or a process to measure the ability of an agency, partners and/or systems to deliver or ensure public health and environmental health services, programs and activities, or to address local priority issues.


Make note that you will use the results of your capacity assessment from Phase 4 throughout the prioritization process in Phase 5. It is important to consider how Phase 4 and 5 are related and how one influences the other before choosing and designing a capacity assessment.


The Colorado Public Health Act requires every local health plan to "assess capacity and performance of the county or district public health system" (Section 25-1-205 Subpart 2b). The act doesn't require a specific process, content or reporting format. Therefore, each community will decide the best method for collecting, sharing and using this information based on local needs.