Phase 3: Conduct a community health assessment

Use this phase to design and conduct a community health assessment (CHA). Recommended steps will guide you and your partners through the reviewing requirements and background materials, gathering, collecting and interpreting data, engaging community and communicating results. Steps can be carried out in an order that makes the most sense for your process. The results will inform prioritization and the local public health improvement plan, driving the work on top of health concerns over the next five years.


Considered a necessary foundation for quality public health work, conducting a comprehensive assessment of the community's health and environmental status is a Colorado Public Health Act requirement and a Colorado Core Public Health Capability for local public health agencies, as well as prerequisite for agencies choosing to become accredited under the national voluntary Public Health Accreditation Board standards (PHAB). CHAPS Phase 3 aligns with PHAB Version 1.5 standards for conducting a comprehensive community health assessment.