PHAB standards and measures associated with Phase V

A community health improvement plan dated within the past 5 years is a prerequisite for accreditation through the national Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). PHAB provides standards, measures and documentation requirements for this process in Standard 5.2: Conduct a Comprehensive Planning Process Resulting in a Tribal/State/Community Health Improvement Plan.  PHAB requires demonstrating the process used to set health priorities during the community health improvement planning process. For additional detail, see the PHAB Version 1.5 and CHAPS crosswalk. Agencies planning to apply for accreditation should visit the PHAB website for the latest PHAB guidance and documentation requirements.
Facilitating a prioritization process may also aid your agency in meeting the following PHAB standards and measures:
  • Standard 1.3: Analyze public health data to identify trends in health problems, environmental public health hazards, and social and economic factors that affect the public’s health.
    • Measure 1.3.1 A: Data analyzed and public health conclusions drawn
  • Standard 3.1: Provide Health Education and Health Promotion Policies, Programs, Processes, and Interventions to Support Prevention and Wellness
    • Measure 3.1.2 A: Health promotion strategies to mitigate preventable health conditions
    • Measure 3.1.3 A: Efforts to specifically address factors that contribute to specific populations’ higher health risks and poorer health outcomes
Reviewing the full set of PHAB standards and measures will provide useful information throughout the development and implementation of your public health improvement plan.