DCEED STI/HIV/Viral Hepatitis Branch contacts

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Branch Chief:   
James D Stewart, MBA, PhD
Deputy branch chief: 
Client Based Prevention Program manager: 
Yesenia Mendez
The STI/HIV/VH Branch works to reduce STI/HIV/VH infections and ensure quality STI/HIV/VH care and treatment services for all people in Colorado. Our mission is to support access to a full spectrum of services, from prevention to care, that leads to the elimination of STI, HIV and VH.
Our functions include:
  • Surveillance of STI/HIV/VH infection.
  • Follow-up of people diagnosed with an STI/HIV/VH infection to ensure adequate treatment and partner notification.
  • Providing access to care and treatment as appropriate.
  • Developing comprehensive prevention programs.
  • Collaborating with at-risk communities, non-governmental organizations and local health departments.
  • Training medical providers and public health professionals.
  • Conducting research to enhance STI/HIV/VH epidemiology and prevention.
This program is legislatively mandated by CRS Title 25, Article 1, parts 107 and 122, CRS 18-1 et seq., and CRS 25-4-1401 et seq.