Phase 2: Equity and community engagement

Use this phase to think through how you will engage a range of stakeholders throughout the CHAPS process in order to support equity and create a better assessment, plan and implementation process. Local public health agencies are the required entity to carry out this process but it is intended to be done in partnership with community. 


Engaging stakeholders is addressed through the CHAPS phases, which will take places over the course of a few years. Therefore, be mindful of your engagement methods and adapt as necessary to respond to your community needs and capacity for involvement. The community engagement strategies that you use will be one way that you will be able to be transparent, build trust and address equity though your assessment and planning process.


Community engagement is an essential function of public health and found across national and state requirements is a public health best practice. Colorado Core Public Health Services and Capabilities model cites community engagement as a way to operationalize core services and PHAB devotes Domain 4: Engage with the community to identify and address health problems to this work and requires it in both the community health assessment and community health improvement plan processes.