Offender Re-Entry Mentoring Program

People on parole, former offenders and people in the community are encouraged to apply.

Administrative Regulation 900-02

Become a Re-Entry Mentor

Offender Re-Entry Mentor Programs Goal is to provide a mentoring program for offenders releasing from DOC to support a successful reintegration into the community. To secure community support and involvement, providing a continuum of care to incarcerated offenders in preparation for re-entry into the community. The Colorado Department of Corrections' re-entry mentors are matched with an offender that wants to be mentored while incarcerated and continue to be their mentor after they release from incarceration. This program is to allow offenders the chance to succeed.

Becoming an active mentor is easy. There is an application process and a few simple steps are required before being approved to mentor.

Becoming a CDOC Re-Entry Mentor

The Department of Corrections is looking for people that can do the following:

  • Support CDOC re-entry curriculum
  • Help mentee build self-confidence
  • Provide career guidance and help mentee identify with their new environment
  • Be a source for information and encouragement
  • Establish clear and open communication
  • Provide productive feedback
  • Help mentee with difficult situations without creating a dependency
  • Help develop creative and independent thinking
  • Encourage continued growth and development


The matching of a mentor to mentee will be based on your area of service. Your area of service is defined as a resonable distance from the mentee's living area and having knowledge of community resources within your area to assist with the offender's reintegration.  Offender Re-Entry Mentor Program Approval requires submission of a Mentor Application 900-02. The completed application and mentor agreement will need to be submitted by email.

Here are the instructions to turn in your Mentor Application:

  • The Subject Line of Email - Must have the Facility name and your area of service.
  • The Body of Email – Must include regions you are willing to travel in Colorado.  
  • Attach your completed application and email it to
  • If you are applying to support a special needs offender (mental health, sex offender, addictions, etc.) please attach a narrative or documentation to support your request for facility review.
  • Each applicant will undergo a facility access check to explore criminal history.
  • Mentor Training - The approving facility will provide instructions and links needed to complete the mandatory online training. Only individuals who have been cleared through the application and facility access check process are allowed to take the online training.
  • Training will include: Introduction to CDOC, Professionalism, Offender Supervision, Games Offenders Play, Positive Professional Communication, and Hostage Survival. There will be additional training modules that are specific to mental health, sex offenders and special needs offenders.
  • Upon successful completion of this training each mentor will complete the Mentor Agreement, Confidentiality Statement, Code of Ethics, Consent to Search Form and Training Certification forms. All forms need to be completed, signed and given to the facility.   
  • The facility will determine and assign mentors to mentees.     
  • The facility will coordinate any orientation as needed.                                          
  • Warden Approval - By statute each Warden / designee is responsible for approving all individuals entering the facility.
  • All mentor visits will be scheduled through the facility.
  • Addendum to Mentor Application (900-02B) will be submitted prior to any new mentor/mentee assignment.

For any questions regarding this program, you can contact a faciltiy voluteer coordinator here Offender Re-Entry Mentoring Program Contacts