Employer Resources

The Colorado Department of Corrections is committed to offender success upon release.  We have potential employees with technical education and experience in the following fields:

Commercial:  Cooking Sewing
  Baking Printing/Signs
  Laundry Waste Site Maintenance
On the Job Training: Janitorial/Custodial Dairy Operations
  Warehoue Fishery Operations
  Electronic Repair Agriculture/Horticulture
  Horse Training Welding
  Canine Training Heavy Equipment Operation
  Carpentry Automotive Repair
  HVAC Repair and Maintenance Auto Body Repair
  Computer Aided Design Machining
  Customer Service Fire Fighting
  Office Furniture Manufacturing/Assembly Office Furniture Delivery and Installation
  Metal Fabrication Manufacturing
Certificates: OSHA 10  
  OSHA 30  
  CISCO - Computer Networking  
  CDOT Flagging  
  Iron Workers (Gladiator)  

If you are an employer looking for skilled workers, we have those workers available right now!  Please contact our Employment & Training Navigators (listed below) or our partners at Connecting Colorado by clicking on the below link to be connected with your next empoloyee!

Christopher French
Employment & Training Navigator
Phone: 970-255-9126 ext 4172 | Cell: 303-854-8946 | Fax: 970-255-9371
2516 Foresight Cir. Ste. 3, Grand Jct., CO. 81505

Dan Katzenberg
Employment & Training Navigator
Phone: 303-763-2436  |  Cell: 720-467-2425  |  Fax: 303-831-9053
940 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203




Employment and Training Navigation (ETN) provide statewide services and specialize in working with parolees to enhance job readiness by encouraging long-term employment goals with sustainable wages through soft skills classes and funding for job training.  ETNs collaborate with state workforce centers, technical schools, community colleges, and other vocational opportunites.  Additionally navigators seek and establish relationships with employers who are willing to hire parolees.