COVID-19 FAQ and Updates

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions and Updates

The Colorado Department of Corrections continues to monitor the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and has implemented a number of operational measures to protect the health and safety of  our staff, inmates and parolees.  Further information regarding the measures taken by CDOC to address COVID-19 may be found below and will be updated as new information becomes available.  

Information and Resources 

Potential Visitation Guidelines:

The CDOC will review the potential visitation protocols at the end of every month to determine the appropriate course of action to best protect the health and safety of staff, incarcerated individuals and friends and family. At this time, draft visiting standards have been completed, but could be adjusted at any time as needed. A copy of those draft standards can be found here: DRAFT CDOC Pandemic Visiting Standards 

Governor's Executive Orders Related to COVID-19 and Colorado Department of Corrections Operations:
Current Governor's Executive Order (Current as of 10/14/2020):  Executive Order D 2020 221

Executive Order D 2020 192 (Issued 9/15/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 166 (Issued 8/17/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 140 (Issued 7/19/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 112 (Issued 6/20/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 078 (Issued 5/22/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 043 (Issued 4/23/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 016 (Issued 3/25/20 - NOW EXPIRED)

Information on Criteria under Governor's Executive Orders 016 and 043 (NOW EXPIRED) for ISPI, Special Needs Parole and Earned Time can be found HERE 

Info on sending photo postcards to offenders through Flikshop can be found HERE 

A letter from Executive Director Dean Williams to the Family and Friends of the Inmate Population can be found HERE 

A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found HERE (last updated 7/31/2020) 

Information on Video Visitation Options can be found HERE  and at; please note that all individuals who will appear on the video visit must be approved visitors on the offender's visiting list. If you are not yet an approved visitor, you may obtain a copy of the visiting application on our Visiting Page.  Please see Administrative Regulation 300-01 Offender Visiting Program for additional policy information regarding video visiting. 

Department of Corrections office locations are not open to the public at this time due to COVID-19, as such; we are unable to personally accept service of process of legal documents. For information on how to serve a summons and complaint on this Department, in its own name, or on any employee or officer of this Department, please review the directions found HERE 

Current facility operational status can be found HERE


Press Releases:

7/13/2020 Update on DOC COVID-19 Testing

7/8/2020 Inmate and Staff Member at Buena Vista Correctional Complex Test Positive for COVID 

5/11/2020 DOC Publishes Testing Data

5/1/2020 DOC Inmate from Sterling Dies at Hospital 

4/24/2020 Initial Results from Targeted COVID-19 Testing Program at Sterling Correctional Facility

4/23/2020 Department of Corrections and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Conduct COVID-19 Testing at Sterling Correctional Facility

4/16/2020 Department of Corrections Update on Comprehensive COVID-19 Prevention and Response Efforts

4/15/2020 2 Inmates Test Positive for COVID-19 at Sterling Correctional Facility 

4/8/2020 Department of Corrections Inmate Tests Positive for COVID-19

3/27/2020- Additional Department of Corrections Staff Members Test Positive for COVID-19

3/26/2020-  Department of Corrections to Implement Directives from Governor Polis Executive Order to Best Prevent COVID-19 From Entering Prisons

3/26/2020- Department of Corrections Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

3/23/2020-  Department of Corrections Provides Updates on COVID-19 Prevention Plan 

3/11/2020-Operational Changes at Colorado Department of Corrections' Facilities for Prevention of COVID-19