WP - Wagner-Peyser Employment Services Policy Guidance Letters


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WP-2017-01 Post-Secondary Education and Training Resources for UI Claimants and Other Unemployed Workers 

  1. Financial Aid Toolkit

Virtual Job Shadow 

  1. Virtual Job Shadow User Account Set-Up
2016-09-01 2017-05-17  
WP-2016-05 UI Claimant and Workforce Reemployment Services 2016-09-21    
WP-2016-04, Change 1

A Comprehensive Approach to Business Services

  1. Core Business Services Guide
  2. Employer Verification in Connecting Colorado Guide
  3. Job Orders Guide
  4. Allowable Career Services for Employers under WIOA Final Rule
2016-10-10 2018-08-07  

Unemployment Insurance Chat Initiative

  1. Instructions for Installing the UI Chat Shortcut
  2. Triage Flowchart for Workforce Centers
WP-2016-02, Change 1


RESEA Guidance

  1. RESEA Procedures (rev. July 2018)
  2. RESEA Orientation Letter Template (Form UIW-2) –Sept2016
  3. Online RESEA links to Video and Website
  4. UI Eligibility Review Questionnaire
  5. Individualized Reemployment Plan
  6. LMI and Career Info Handout –rev. Aug2015
  7. RESEA and Links to Reemployment – Work-Search and UI Fact Sheet –Feb 2016
  8. UI Work-Search Log
  9. RESEA Financial Guidance – Requesting Reimbursements
  10. RESEA Monitoring Tool (rev. July 2018)
  11. UI Division Procedural Document (coming soon)
  12. Presentation: RESEA One Stop Managers and Leads Training –Mar 2016
  13. Presentation: RESEA Procedural Training –Mar 2016
  14. Presentation: UI Eligibility and Work-Search Log -Mar31 2016
  15. Presentation: UI Able and Available (A&A) Training –Apr14 2016
2016-06-01 2016-07-02  

Veterans Enhanced Job Contacts Pilot Initiative

  1. UCX Initial Letter
  2. UCX Pilot Project Follow-up email
  3. UCX Work Search Log


Links to Reemployment

  1. Workforce System Proceduresfile type icon
  2. UI Division Proceduresfile type icon
  3. Orientation Letter - Form UIW-1file type icon
  4. Recording Services in Connecting Coloradofile type icon
  5. Labor Market and Career Information Resources
2015-10-16   15-16-WP

Governor's Summer Job Hunt 2014

  1. GSJF Youth Registration Goals for 2014
2014-02-12   14-02-WP

Virtual Job Fairs

  1. Tracking VJF Participants in Connecting Colorado
2013-11-25   13-09-WP

MSFW Program Funding Guidelines

  1. MSFW Full Registration Monitoring Tool
2013-01-03   13-01-WP
WP-2011-02, Change-2

Regular Approved Training Requests 

  1. B643 Regular Approved Training Authorization Form - Revised June 2016 
2011-11-29 2016-06-13 11-14-P

H-2A Foreign Labor Certification Guidelines

  1. Agricultural and Food Processing Clearance Order ETA Form 790
  2. Housing Inspection Forms WH-520 and ETA 338
2011-03-01 2014-05-13 11-04-WP
WP-2009-01 Annual Outreach Plans for Significant Offices Re: Migrant Seasonal Outreach 2009-06-02   09-05-P

Employment Eligibility Verification Required for Temporary H-2A & H-2B Referrals

  1. Form I-9
2008-08-06   08-08-P