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Upcoming Provider Accreditation Seminars

Level I Accreditation: September 13, 2019 - Denver
Level II Re-Accreditation: November 2019

Rule 11: The DIMEs Are a-Changin'

The Division Independent Medical Exam (DIME) Program has been in place with little change since 1991 and is an essential function of our state's workers' compensation system. After three years of collaboration with stakeholders, the Division successfully adopted a new rule that addresses the key challenges of each stakeholder. Resources and upcoming training can be found here.

2019 Colorado DOWC Rules 16 & 18 Update Seminars

These sessions reviewed changes to Rules 16 "Utilization Standards" & 18 "Medical Fee Schedule" effective January 1, 2019. The Division hosted two webinars and can both be viewed on the Medical Fee Schedule page here.

Video Presentations

Coverage Enforcement - "Employee vs. Independent Contractor"

Video Series: Industrial Claim Appeals Office & Court of Appeals Updates

Learn more about legal issues in workers' compensation with real-life cases as discussed by a Division of Workers' Compensation Prehearing Administrative Law Judge.
Note: The Case Law Update is offered as an educational and informational program.  The discussions and commentary should not considered a policy statement by the Division of Workers' Compensation or an indication of how the presenters would rule on any future pending cases.

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