Skilled Worker Outreach, Recruitment, and Key Training Grant (WORK Act)

The fifth cycle of funding is currently available to promote your skilled worker training program.

Funding to Market Your Training Program

Colorado faces a shortage of skilled workers. To close this gap, it is important to actively recruit and enroll Coloradans in skilled worker training programs, connecting growing industries with new talent. A variety of entities offer these programs, however many Coloradans are not aware of these opportunities for training. Examples of skilled worker training programs include apprenticeship programs, pre-apprenticeship programs, bootcamps, associates degree, or certificate programs.


In 2015, the legislature created the Skilled Worker Outreach, Recruitment, and Key Training Act – also referred to as the "WORK Act.” This matching grant program provides funds to increase the awareness of and enrollment in Colorado’s skilled worker training programs.

Potential WORK Act allowable expenses include:

  • Materials for recruitment staff to attend outreach events (table cloth, banners, and other booth display materials.)
  • Marketing collateral, including design and production costs (fliers, videos)
  • Website redesign/creation
  • Digital marketing (purchasing Facebook ads/digital advertising)
  • Advertising (banner ads on bus & light rail, TV & radio spots)
  • Recruitment staff materials (cell phone for travelling staff, laptop, etc.)
  • Recruitment staff salary

In previous years, the average award was $366,799, and the median award was $291,638.

Please find below House Bills 15-1276 and 18-1316, which establish and extended the WORK Act.

HB 15-1276

HB 18-1316

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Any government or nongovernment entity that offers or plans to offer a skilled worker training program and has partnered with industry sectors in the development of the program is eligible to apply. The entity must be an accredited educational training program, occupational education training program, apprenticeship, or similar training program. All industries are eligible. This opportunity does not include funding for bachelor’s or higher degrees.

Appling for the WORK Act Grant?

Potential applicants may use the below tool to determine if their skilled worker training program is a suitable fit for WORK Act grant funding.

Readiness Tool



The application requirements and submission details are detailed in the RFA, which is posted on CDLE’s Vendor Self-serve portal, along with all relevant attachments.

  1. Access the Vendor Self-serve (VSS)
  2. Select Register or Public Access on the far left
  3. Use the keyword search: WORK Act Cycle 5.

Please note:

  • Within the VSS portal, the request for applications (RFA) will be referred to as a request for proposals (RFP).
  • There is no charge to register on VSS.
  • The VSS system functions best using Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, or 11. It also works in Mozilla Firefox, but does not work in Chrome.


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