Skilled Worker Outreach, Recruitment, and Key Training Grant (WORK Act)

This matching grant program was created to increase awareness of and enrollment in skilled worker training programs to increase Colorado’s skilled workforce.

Partnering with business and industry to determine critical workforce needs, this grant awards eligible applicants to engage in outreach and recruitment efforts, provide skilled worker training, or both.

The legislature declared that because Colorado faces a serious shortage of skilled workers and it is predicted this will continue, many entities offer skilled training programs, and many Coloradans are not aware of this, it is important to actively recruit and enroll Coloradans who can complete skilled worker training programs.

This grant is for any government or nongovernment entity that offers or plans to offer a skilled worker training program and has partnered with industry sectors. A training program must be an:

  • accredited educational training program,
  • occupational education training program,
  • apprenticeship, or
  • similar training program

This opportunity does not include funding for bachelor’s or higher degrees.

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