WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Policy Guidance Letters


PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
  1. Sample Work Experience Worksite Guide
  2. Sample Work Experience Agreement
  3. Sample Work Experience Time Sheet
WIOA-2017-13 WIOA TItle I Needs-Related Payments 2017-12-20    
WIOA-2017-12 WIOA Title I Youth Incentive Payments 2017-12-20    
WIOA-2017-11 WIOA Title I Supportive Services 2017-12-20    

One-Stop Operator Requirements

  1. One-Stop Operator Overview
  2. One-Stop Operator Checklist
  3. WIOA One-Stop Operator Regulations Side-by-Side (Draft and Final) 
  4. Key USDOL Responses to Comments on the One-Stop Operator Regulations
WIOA-2017-08 Approval of Local Boards as One-Stop Operators 2017-06-01    

Local Negotiations on Infrastructure Funding

  1. Infrastructure Negotiations Workbook Template

PY17 Local Plan Guidelines 

  1. PY17 Local Area Annual Compliance Plan Signature Sheet 
  2. PY17 Local Area Annual Compliance Plan Questions
  3. PY17 Budget and Services Chart
WIOA-2017-05, Change 1

Registered Apprenticeships in WIOA

  1. Federal Registered Apprenticeship Criteria and Standards
  2. Making Registered Apprenticeship Work for the Public Workforce System
2017-05-11 2017-10-10  

Rapid Response Policy Guidance

  1. Layoff/WARN Field Descriptions and Guideline Questions
  2. Planning Meeting Outline
  3. Layoff Transition Workshop Outline
  4. Layoff Transition Workshop Sign-In Sheet
  5. Layoff Transition Onsite Workshop Evaluation Form
  6. Desk Aid: Smart Form Links and Definitions
  7. Desk Aid: Entering Rapid Response Services into Connecting Colorado
  8. Desk Aid: Delivering a One-On-One Rapid Response Service
  9. Desk Aid: Using the Storefront for Ordering Rapid Response Publications
  10. Employer Satisfaction Survey
  11. Layoff Aversion Plan Example
  12. UI Monthly Layoff Report Sample​

WIOA Program Evaluation

  1. Basic Definitions of Common Evaluation Terms
  2. Evaluation Plan Workbook Excerpt
  3. Evaluability Assessment Checklist
  4. Logic Model Workbook Excerpt
  5. Tool Selector
WIOA-2017-02, Change 1

WIOA Incumbent Worker Training 

  1. Incumbent Worker Data Elements
2017-02-16 2017-09-20  

Transfer of Funds Between Adult and Dislocated Worker Allocations

  1. Approval Process
WIOA-2016-08, Change 1

On-the-Job Training

  1. Sample Pre-Award Review Checklist 
  2. Sample OJT Contract
2016-12-06 2017-01-06  
WIOA-2016-07 Local Boards as Providers of Career Services 2016-11-23    
WIOA-2016-06, Change 1

FY15/FY17 25% Enhanced Dislocated Worker Funding Requirements, Rev. Jan. 2017

  1. Allocations Chart, Rev. Jan. 2017
  2. PY16 Negotiated Performance Goals




WIOA Classroom Based Training and Work Based Learning Options – Interim Guidance

  1. Interim Guidance Chart 
WIOA-2016-04 Local Workforce Development Board Certification 2016-05-23    
WIOA-2016-03, Change 1

WIOA State Infrastructure Funding Formula

  1. State Formula Steps
  2. Program Caps
  3. Statewide Formula Determining Factor
2016-06-01 2017-05-02  
WIOA-2016-02, Change 2

WIOA One-Stop Partner Requirements and Access to Services

2016-03-24 2017-05-11  


PY16-19 Regional and Local Plan Guidelines

  1. Plan Signature Sheets
  2. Regional and Local Area Plan Narratives
  3. Local Area Plan Compliance Requirements
  4. PY16 Local Area Budget and Services Chart

WIOA-2015-09, Change 2

Individual Training Accounts for WIOA Title I Programs​

2015-12-17 2016-10-17 15-15-WIOA

PY15 Waiver Policy

  1. Waiver Summary Chart


WIOA-2015-07, Change 3 Priority of Service for Title I Adult Programs 2015-09-03 2017-07-28 15-12-WIOA
WIOA-2015-06, Change 5

Eligible Training Providers for WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

  1. Required Performance Data​
2015-08-31 2017-04-27 15-10-WIOA

WIOA-2015-05, Change 4

WIOA TItle I Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Adult Program Eligibility, rev. April 2017
  2. Dislocated Worker Program Eligibility, rev. April 2017
  3. WIOA Youth Program Eligibility, rev. Nov 2017
  4. WIOA Grants Eligibility, rev. April 2017
  5. TEGL 22-04 - Serving Military Service Members and Military Spouses under the WIA Dislocated Worker Formula Grant
  6. TEGL 22-04, change 1 - Serving Military Service Members and Military Spouses under the WIA Dislocated Worker Formula Grant
  7. TEGL 5-08, Policy for Collection and Use of Workforce System Participants’ Social Security Numbers (November 13, 2008)
  8. TEGL 11-11, Change 2 – Selective Service Registration Requirements for Employment and Training Programs (May 16, 2012)
  9. TEGL 09-12, Services to Victims of Human Trafficking (October 24, 2012)
  10. TEGL 02-14, Eligibility of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Participants for WIA and Wagner-Peyser
  11. Using UI Notifications and Screens, rev. April 2017
  12. Samples of New Drivers’ Licenses and IDs, Rev. June 2016
  13. Connecting Colorado Supply and Demand Report for DW Eligibility
  14. Youth in Poverty Interactive Map, Rev. Oct. 2016
  15. Example Documentation for Spouses of Active Military Members
  16. WIOA TItle I Eligibility Q&A, rev. Nov 2017


2015-07-28 2017-11-17 15-09-WIOA
WIOA-2015-04 Local Workforce Development Board Policies 2015-07-28   15-07-WIOA
WIOA-2015-02, Change 1 One-Stop Certification Criteria 2016-05-23   15-05-WIOA
WIOA-2015-01, Change 1

Local Area Designation

  1. Performance Reporting Template
2015-04-01 2017-08-01 15-04-WIOA
WIOA/WIA-2014-02, Change 3

Guidelines for Affidavit of Immigration Status, Rev. June 2016

  1. Affidavit - English Version - Revised September 2015
  2. Affidavit - Spanish version
  3. SAVE Guide
2014-04-16 2016-06-21 14-05-WIA
WIOA/WIA-2009-01 State Definition of Training Services 2009-07-07   09-11-WIA
WIOA/WIA-2008-01 Degree/Certificate Requirements for Youth Common Measures 2008-10-23   08-16-WIA
WIOA/WIA-2003-01 Rapid Response Layoff Reserve Funds 2003-10-08   03-18-WIA