Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Recent legislative changes has made EDI filings mandatory for First Reports of Injury and Notices of Contest effective July 1, 2006.  We believe that EDI holds the promise of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the workers' compensation system, and that it will benefit the entire workers' compensation community, employers, insurers, health care providers, and injured workers.

The following Colorado implementation documents are intended to be a primary resource for our Division's EDI trading partners.  The packets should be used with appropriate national standards, such as the IAIABC's Implementation Guide and Best Practices Guide.

These implementation documents serve as a reference for Colorado-specific protocols and include background information and documents needed to get started.  If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact: Teresa Martenson at teresa.martenson@state.co.us or 303-318-8793.

Updates to Colorado implementation documents will be posted on our Web site at http://www.colorado.gov/cdle/dwc/.

We are confident that the Colorado's EDI system will be beneficial, for both you and the Division.  We are committed to open communication as we implement the mandatory filings of FROI's and SROI's.

Getting Started with EDI

Necessary Documents and Forms - First Report Submission

Electronic Data Interchange Participation Policy

Receiver's (DOWC) Trading Partner Profile

Receiver's (DOWC) Transmission Profile

Data Element Matrix

Edit Matrix

Edit/Error Matrix

Event Table

Testing Requirements

Sender's Acceptance Form (PDF)  (MS Word)

Sender's Trading Partner Profile (PDF)  (Word)

Sender's Transmission Profile (PDF)  (Word)

Trading Partner Insurer List Form (PDF)  (Word)

Third Party Administrator Location List Form (If a TPA is the Sender) (PDF)  (Word)

Necessary Documents and Forms - Subsequent Report of Injury - Denial (MTC 04)

Proof of Coverage Information

Insurance carriers are required by Rule 3, Insurance Coverage, of the Colorado Code of Regulations (7 CCR 1101-3) to report insurance policy information to the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) rather than to the DOWC.  Previously, insurance carriers provided the DOWC with hard copy proof of insurance, which resulted in reams of paper and required manual entry by DOWC personnel.  NCCI reported policy information to Colorado using an early version of the IAIABC POC format.  The IAIABC POC format allowed for collection of additional carrier and employer data elements.  While the DOWC has been utilizing the IAIABC POC format for several years, it was fully automated on May 1, 2001.  The DOWC receives and acknowledges files from NCCI on a daily basis.  For more information on Colorado  POC requirements, click on this link www.ncci.com  and go to "Data Reporting", Policy Data and Proof of Coverage.

Business Contact Information


 Julie Perry



 Proof of Coverage

 Julie Yakes




 Jim Becker  james.becker@state.co.us  303-318-8667