Unrepresented (Pro Se) Claimants


An Unrepresented (Pro Se) Claimant is an individual who chooses to represent himself or herself in a legal proceeding without the aid of an attorney. Although the majority of workers' compensation claims resolve without the necessity of litigation, it is important to understand that resolution of some of the more complex issues may be facilitated through the technical expertise provided by an individual who is well-versed in Colorado workers' compensation law. It is also important to understand that there are responsibilities and timelines that apply in all cases.

If you do choose to represent yourself at a hearing, you will be held to the same standard as an attorney practicing workers' compensation law, and will be expected to have knowledge of the law and rules of workers' compensation in this state.

Pro Se Settlement Advisement

This section contains information concerning some of the rights you give up when you settle your case on a full and final basis. View a voice and text presentation (PowerPoint) or text document (PDF) below.

Esta sección contiene información sobre algunos de los derechos a los que usted renuncia cuando llega a un acuerdo completo y definitivo en su caso. A continuación ver una presentación audiovisual de PowerPoint por video o por escrito, o en formato escrito PDF.

Uniform Settlement Agreements ("USAs")

This section contains links to the Uniform Settlement Agreement form and frequently asked questions about that form.

The following information is provided for your convenience. You may also contact Customer Service for information.


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