Timely Payment of Benefits

Temporary Benefits

  • The initial payment of temporary benefits must be paid immediately upon admission for benefits.
  • Benefits should be paid at least through the date of the check unless benefits were terminated in accordance with Rule 6, to avoid potential disputes over whether payment is late.
  • Benefits must be paid at least once every two weeks.
  • The waiting period must be paid when a claimant's period of disability lasts longer than two weeks from the day the claimant leaves work as a result of the injury.

Permanent Impairment Benefits

  • Benefits for permanent impairment (PPD) are due on the date of the admission and every two weeks thereafter until paid in full.
  • Benefits for PPD should commence on the date of MMI.
  • The initial PPD payment should use the date of MMI as the first date of the time period and pay at least through the date of the admission.