TAA - Trade Adjustment Assistance Policy Guidance Letters


PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
TAA-2018-01  TAA Retakes and Credentials  2018-03-21    
TAA-2016-01 TAA Case Management Services and Waivers 2016-12-19    

TAA-2011-02, Change 1 

 Approving Job Search and Relocation Allowances for Participants served under TAARA 2015

2011-12-20 2018-03-07 11-20-TAA
TAA-2011-01, Change 3

TAA Training Approval Guidelines

  1. TAA-610, TAA Program Technology Agreement 
2011 2016-11-21 11-13-TAA

Placement/Assessment Testing; Training at Non-Accredited Providers

  1. List of Accrediting Agencies
2002-07-01   02-23-TN