Performance Plans

Our mission at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment is to protect and promote the integrity and vitality of Colorado's employment environment. We have more than 1,300 employees advancing this mission through services to businesses and workers across Colorado. In good economies and bad, we are serving our customers to help our state’s workforce thrive, compete and succeed while supporting our business community with resource and information to help them save valuable time and money. Read more in our Strategic Plans:

CDLE Performance Plan FY 19-20

CDLE FY19 Q3 Performance Evaluation​

CDLE Performance Plan FY 18-19

CDLE Performance Evaluation FY 17-18

CDLE Performance Plan FY 17-18

CDLE Performance Evaluation FY 16-17

CDLE Performance Plan FY 16-17

CDLE Strategic Plan FY 14-15

CDLE Strategic Plan FY 13-14

CDLE Strategic Plan FY 12-13


At the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, we are committed to an open process. We allow anyone who is interested to comment on proposed rules, and we consider all stakeholder input. We also post all proposed rule changes publicly. Comments are accepted at the public hearing or in other ways, as described in the public announcement.

Every year we review many of our rules and regulations. Read more about the regulations reviewed and scheduled to be updated:

2019 Regulatory Calendar

2018 Regulatory Calendar

2017 Regulatory Calendar

2016 Regulatory Calendar

2015 Regulatory Calendar

For questions concerning upcoming rules, please contact our Director of Policy & Legislation, Patrick Teegarden: