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Unemployment benefits may be available to workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own. These bi-weekly benefit payments help job seekers focus on their path to reemployment and help lessen the negative impact that unemployment has on the economy.

Be sure to review the steps in the unemployment to reemployment process.

Step 1: Qualify for Benefits

In order to qualify for unemployment benefits, you must've previously worked and earned a certain amount of wages. More>

Step 2: File a Claim

What you need before your file. More>

Step 3: After I've Filed a Claim

Learn what your next steps are and about the claim process. More>

Step 4:  Processing your Claim

After you file your claim, we request separation information from your previous employer(s), evaluate your previous wages, and review any additional income. Read how your wages may affect your claim. More>

Step 5:  Payment

Payment is issued after your claim is processed and it is determined you qualify for benefits. Find out about payment methods and requirements. More>

Step 6:  Maintain your Eligibility

While you are receiving benefit payments, you must maintain your eligibility by requesting payment every two weeks and more. Learn how to stay eligible for unemployment payments. More>

Step 7:   Working and Collecting Benefits

You may be eligible to collect partial benefits if you are working. Find out how to report your work and the affect it may have on your claim. More>

Step 8:  Job Search

We are here to help you with your work-search efforts. Unemployment is a step in the overall reemployment process. More>

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