Safety and Loss Control

The Division of Workers' Compensation partners with employers to protect and promote the integrity, vitality, and safety of Colorado’s workforce environment through the Premium Cost Containment Program. Through this program, employers will find ways to control workforce injuries and insurance-related costs and insurers will learn about the required premium discount for certified Safety and Loss Control Programs.

An employer can become certified by applying to the Premium Cost Containment Board and documenting that there has been a qualified risk management program in force for at least one full year. Certified employers are eligible for up to a 10% reduction in workers' compensation insurance premiums.

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PCC Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 5, 2020, 9:30 am to 2:00 pm MST

This meeting will be held online and members of the public may attend but registration is requiredRegister here.

Minimum Requirements

  • Safety Policy Declaration
  • Safety Coordinator/Committee
  • Safety Rules
  • Safety Training
  • Designated Medical Provider List
  • Written Claims Management Procedures


  • Thorough documentation and record keeping
  • Documenting essential dates
  • Safety Rules must reflect the hazards employees face
  • Get employee sign-offs 
  • Make this program your own


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